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    Staff Profiles:

    Mike Ramirez
    Distinct Marine

    Mike A. Ramirez, President of Prime Marine, brings close to 15 years of aftermarket industry experience to the corporation.

    As acting General Manager of Prime Time Marine, Mike Ramirez helped establish Prime Marine as a leader in marine repair, fabrication, and installations. While attending junior college under the leadership of the late Kent Fisk (Lockheed aircraft - development), Mike earned several performance automotive-based certificates in chassis, engine, fabrication, design, and development departments. At that time, Ramirez decided that a career in the aftermarket industry would provide him latitude to pursue his interest in the marine industry.

    As an early child, Ramirez grew up in the Inland Empire taking a very strong interest the mechanical world. Taking an interest in his Grandfather's mechanical skills at Shepherd's Shop (Los Angeles, CA), Mike spent many hours inside his parents and grandparents garages building all sorts of gadgets. Additionally his family's traditional river trips to the Colorado River and local lakes alike helped opened his eyes to the boating lifestyle.  

    Ramirez began his professional career in the aftermarket industry as a cylinder head porter alongside innovator - Charile Hupp. He then transitioned his career into sales at Supershops Inc alongside friend/co-worker Randy Robinson (Carb Shop). There, Mike developed knowledge about the performance automotive and marine industries. In 1997, Ramirez joined Brad Anderson Enterprises in Ontario, CA where he ported cylinder heads for top fuel - alcohol dragsters and funny cars. Eager to gain more knowledge about the marine industry, Ramirez went to work for a local performance boat shop where he learned about high performance repairs and modifications.

    Mike joined Prime Marine in 2000 under the ownership of Randy Davis, working closely with management and staff to develop new design strategies and help expand the company’s profile. It was at that time that the small-based business began cornering the consumer market in marine installations and repairs. Alongside coworkers as well as domestic/international contacts, Ramirez helped develop the first single-engine twin stern drive boat. In 2002, Ramirez was promoted to the general management position handling the day-to-day operations of business as well as strategic productions.

    In 2007, Ramirez became President of Prime Marine, where he continues to transition the corporation into a world-renowned leader in performance development, design, and assembly. 

    In addition to being a boating enthusiast, Ramirez is an avid fisherman who enjoys spending time in the Western Sierra’s. His passion and interest in classic cars and mechanical engineering are leisure activities, which contribute to his leadership at Prime Marine.

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